Gai Maito HQS & Kisame Hoshigaki HQS Set by Tsume

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Est. Release Date: Q1 2025

Gai Maito HQS

Edition Size: 1800

Material: Resin, PVC, Magnets, LEDs

Scale: 1/8

Est. Dimension: 41*52*44cm

Est. Weight: TBD

Kisame Hoshigaki HQS

Edition Size: 1200

Material: Resin, PVC, Metal, LEDs

Scale: 1/8

Est. Dimension: 44*47*46cm

Est. Weight: TBD

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As the Konoha’s jōnin rank ninja arrives at the Water Fall of Truth to aid Naruto in his training, he comes face to face with the Monster of the Hidden Mist that infiltrated the island to locate Naruto and Killer B! This is the third time their forces clash, it must be the last! He certainly won’t let Itachi Uchiha’s former partner run away with the information gathered about the ninja alliance! As the shark-like Swordsman of the Mist attacks him with his terrifying Super Shark Bomb Jutsu absorbing ninjutsu attacks, the Taijutsu master brings out his secret weapon! With his red Konoha forehead band belted at the waist, orange leggings, black hair and green protective vest thrown into the air, the Power of Youth’s defender is seen in an attack position, retaliating with his most powerful technique: the Daytime Tiger! This technique of taijutsu, Hirudora, requires the opening of seven of the Eight Gates. Thus, after opening the seventh Gate, that of Wonder, the team leader places the palm of his extended hand in front of him and hits it with his other closed hand, suddenly increasing the pressure of the air in front of him. We then see the Konoha’s Sublime Green Beast of Prey, his red eyes glowing with rage with his bright green chakra flames, forming the incantatory sign specific to his technique: the index and middle fingers crossed and the other fingers outstretched. The resulting mass of compressed air is then projected in the direction of Kisame taking on the appearance of a huge ghostly rabid tiger, sculpted here in white transparent resin with varying degrees of opacity. Roaring, it swoops down on its prey wildly, its gigantic illuminated jaws ready to make short work of Kisame. On contact with the target, the suddenly decompressed air causes a gigantic explosion, causing visible shock waves agitating the raging waters in bluish transparent resin, highlighting the power of the unstoppable attack and location of this epic last stand! The symbol of the victorious ninja of Konoha proudly appears on the front of the statue’s base.

This 1/8 statue, intended to take place in front of Gaï Maïto - HQS, is an interpretation of the ultimate fight between the Master of Taijutsu, Might Guy, and the Suiton Expert, Kisame Hoshigaki, in the episode “Battle in Paradise! The Odd Beast vs. The Monster!“ from Naruto Shippuden. After the Monster of the Hidden Mist, infiltrating the island to locate Naruto and Killer B, emerges from the Waterfall of Truth with valuable information about the ninja alliance, he absorbs Killer B and Aoba's Chakra and escapes, pursued by the Sublime Green Beast of Prey of Konoha! This is the third time their forces clash, it will be the last! Determined to deliver his report at all costs, the Fish-Man hides it in the mouse of a shark and creates a thousand more to breach Guy's Chakra wall, two sharks attacking here at his side, ready to tear him apart.

Unable to destroy all of these predators, the Power of Youth’s Defender opens the Seventh Gate of Wonder and unleashes his secret weapon and most powerful attack: the Daytime Tiger! Endowed with superhuman strength according to Might Guy, the Cannibal retaliates with a special technique devouring the Chakra of his opponent. We thus see the Akatsuki Shark similar to the ocean’s most frightening predator, with his gills, shark skin, hair in fins, rows of sharp teeth and petrifying gaze of a cold-blooded killer, creating a gigantic Super Shark Bomb Jutsu in bluish transparent resin echoing the depths of the ocean! With outstretched hands, the ruthless Kisame hurls his hungry prehistoric monster with innumerable sharp teeth at his prey to make short work of it, this Suiton technique being a more powerful version of the Water Shark Bomb Jutsu. As he explains to his enemy “The Super Shark Bomb Jutsu attack is not a trivial technique. It absorbs all the Chakra it encounters and gains intensity, depending on the power of its opponent's ninjutsu.“ and he will demonstrate it to him.

As if to attract the feline's attention, a light springs from the shark bowels rising from the abyss of the ocean, crossing the watery Megalodon with its luminous reflection. The shock of the confrontation between the ferocious feline and the bloodthirsty shark unleashes the forces of the ocean, creating a setting of water and foam in transparent resin with different bluish hues around the Shark-Man and his ilk! Mastering all the power of his element, Itachi Uchiha's former partner will stop at nothing to succeed in his mission, whatever its end. On a watery blue edging, Kisame's name appears alongside the crossed-out acronym of the Kiri village which he has deserted. This final message to send reminds us that this solitary predator chooses his own trajectory, and having little fear of troubled waters, will decide for himself the end of his story!

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