One Piece Blackbeard Ultra HQS by Tsume

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Non-Refundable Deposit: $2,000.00

Availability: Pre-Order Open

Est. Release Date: Q2 2024

Edition Size: 1250

Material: Resin, PVC, Magnets, Metal

Scale: 1/7

Est. Dimension: 80*75*105cm

Est. Weight: 40kg

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« This "new era" they talk about is a load of shit. The age where pirates dream is over!? Eh!? Oi! Zehahahaha! PEOPLE’S DREAMS... DON’T EVER END! AM I RIGHT? » - Marshall D. Teach.

After Snake Princess Boa Hancock HQS + and Emperor Shanks HQS, an even more thirsty for power Emperor comes to usurp the One Piece by Tsume collection: recognized around the world because of his dark fame, here berth the ruthless Blackbeard ULTRA HQS 1/7!

Through this statue, we wanted to highlight the arrogant and tyrannical personality of this charismatic antagonist, in full demonstration of his powers, fruits of his lust for the Devil fruits! Represented here as in the Wano Country arc, we see Marshall D. Teach with his black, red and orange jacket revealing his hairy chest and his black pants with blue patterns belted at the waist holding his 3 pistols, ready to inflict some good lessons! His legendary sprawling beard, as black as his dark purposes, his very showy jewels as well as his matching hat proudly displaying the three symbolic skulls of his crew contribute to his image of bloodthirsty pirate of the Worst Generation. We see here the evil counterpart of Whitebeard displaying an expression of evil pleasure as well as an infernal gaze as he simultaneously uses the powers of his two Devil Fruits: the Logia Type Yami Yami no Mi Fruit reducing anything to nothingness and the Paramecia Type Gura Gura no Mi Fruit bringing destruction to everything, stolen from WhiteBeard after having duly killed him. Enthusiastic at the idea of spreading death and despair in his path, he uses his left fist to create the Severe Earthquake cracking the air and everyone in its wake, while with a negligent but formidable backhand of the right hand, he creates a Black Hole and sends a handful of men into the disastrous abyss of nothingness, materialized by the dark matter expanding at his feet. By observing the origin of this sinister one-way ticket, we notice that Luffy’s sworn enemy dominates with his presence and immeasurable strength, a New World Island : Hachinosu, known as the Pirate Paradise. Emerging from the sea, the Residence of the almighty Emperor Teach is here recognizable by its skull-shaped mountain, two holes and central window giving it a human face akin to the sordid symbol of the Blackbeard Pirates. Located at the back of the skull, we find the many sand-colored dwellings and the few palm trees growing on the tropical island which shape is reminescent of the dismal fate of its unexpected visitors.

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1/7 Scale Figures
One Piece
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